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As every year, for a contribution of $50. we are offering you the opportunity to have your shanah tovah greeting printed in our next issue of Al Hadaf in time for Rosh Hashana.


Please respond generously to our Rosh Hashana Appeal, we are counting on your support!  Thank you and "K'siva V'chasima Tova"!


Please use the PayPal buttons below to make a donation of your choice.


Click on this "DONATE" button to order a "Shana Tova" greeting to be printed in next issue of Al Hadaf - Please call or email our office with text of greeting.  You can also use our customized e-form.  Thank You!

Daf sponsorships are a meaningful way of supporting Al Hadaf while providing a tremendous z'chus in honor or memory of a loved one, through facilitating Torah learning and enjoyment for thousands of people.  Please consider sponsoring a daf in honor or in memory of a loved one. 


Click HERE to view and print  Dedication form

Click this "Donate" button to sponsor a daf in honor or in memory of a loved one: $120. Call or e-mail our office with date & text of dedication.   Or click HERE to use our convienent e-form.

Click this "Donate" button to make a donation (any amount you choose) to Al Hadaf to show your appreciation and help us continue publishing.  Thank you and Tizkeh L'mitzvot!

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