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Good News! We have back issues of Al Hadaf for every Mesechtah in Shass! 
[Back issues are available either in hard copy vis regular mail or in pdf. format via email]

To Order: Send us your request with your credit card details by e-mail to: or call our office.
We have also provided a printable back-issue order form which you can complete and send to our office by fax or mail.  Just Click HERE to download printable pdf. Back-Issue Form
You could also pay thru PayPal by clicking on the proper button below.  Make sure to tell us exactly which issues you want.

Back issues from last cycle are available to Al Hadaf subscribers

@ $2.50 each (for orders of 10 issues and more).

For orders of less than 10 issues and to non-subscribers

the price is $3.50 each:

No charge for shipping in USA.

Overseas & Canada - additional charge for postage.




FOR ONLY $350.00

- Enclose an additional $100 to have it sent

in 8 customized binders (for a total of $450.).

Here is a list of number of issues per mesechtah:


Seder Moad:  Berachos 4 issues, Shabbos 9, Eruvin 6, Pesachim 7, Shekalim 1, Yoma 5 issues, Succah 3 issues, Beitza 2 issues, Rosh Hashana 2, Megilla 2, Moed Katan 2, Chagigah 2 issues,


Seder Nashim:  Yevamos 8 issues, Kesubos 7 issues,  Nedarim 6,  Nazir 4,  Sotah 3,  Gittin 5, Kiddushin 5,


Seder Nezikin:  Bava Kamma 7 issues, Bava Metzia 7 issues, Bava Basra 11, Sanhedrin 7, Makos 1 Double issue, Shevuos 2 Double issues, Avodah Zorah w/Horiyos 5 issues,


Seder Kodashim:  Zevachim 7 issues, Menachos 6 issues, Chullin 8, Bechoros 3, Arachin 2 issues, Temura 2,  Meilah 2,  Nidda 4 issues.

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Special offer for members: Buy 10 or more issues and get a reduced rate of $2.50 each!

Non members or less than 10 issues for members: $3.50 each

Complete set with all of Shas: only $350.00

Complete set of all of Shas with eight customized binders: only $450.00

Al Hadaf * POB 791 * Monsey NY, 10952 *  Ph. 845-356-9114 *